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As Senior Multimedia Producer at Medline Industries

Medline Disaster Preparedness

Role: Producer/Director/Videographer/Editor

Writer: Medline PR Team

As a category 4 Hurricane, Harvey battered the Gulf Coast for 4 straight days, facilities in and around the Houston Metro area found their supply levels reaching dangerous lows. Healthcare needs never stop, and neither should their ability to get the tools they need; a principle Medline lives by. We wanted to recount the story of our teams through the eyes of the customers and from the reps who rolled up their sleeves to get it done, even in their own times of need.

For this project, I assisted in the development of the story, established budget and planned logistics. I also shot and edited the final piece. (2 months)

Welcome to the Family

Role: Producer/Director/Writer/Videographer/Editor

Medline takes great pride in their Chicago roots, many of the systems that we do business with are the very facilities where we get care. Corporate Leadership wanted to tell the story of that connection, and I put together this series to show our new customers. This specific video was created for the launch of the partnership with Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago. ​We put out a casting call to all employees who had experiences with the system, and let them tell their stories first-hand. 

I executed all phases of production for this project including producing, casting, writing, directing, shooting, and editing. (3 weeks)

This Is Medline.

Role: Producer/Director

Writer: Sandra Reynders

Animators: Bunko Studios, NYC

As a company, Medline has made great strides and is a name that is easily recognizable in the healthcare arena. More than just products and distribution, the company offers a wide-range of solutions to help their customers grow, an offering that sets them apart, but isn't always known. Along with new branding, this animation was created to change the way Medline is seen by customers both existing and future.

For this project, I oversaw the creative and production processes, developed timelines and monitored budgets, led production meetings and managed the outside vendor. I also supported the concept development, storyboarding, and direction. (2 months)

Medline Corius

Role: Producer/Director

Writers: Sandra Reynders & Beth Parentau

Studio: Xpress Video Productions

Tissue Regeneration is not only a fascinating industry, but is revolutionary at its core. The ability to not only improve patient outcomes, but change the lives of the patients with technology never before seen is truly remarkable. In August 2018, Medline launched Medline Corius as the new tissue regeneration brand, and wanted customers to feel the excitement. 

For this project, I oversaw the creative and production processes, led the video direction and production meetings, and managed budgets and vendors. I also supported creation of overall concept and scripting. (2 months)

Service Corp Recruitment

Role: Producer/Director/Editor/Co-Camera

Additional Credit: Nathan Hay Films Co-Camera/Drone

In Summer 2019, Medline launched the Service Corps, the employee volunteer program for the company. To pair with the launch, we produced this video, compiled of interviews from veteran volunteers to drive both awareness and interest in joining.

For this project, I oversaw the creative and production processes, maintained budgets, timelines, and scope. I also executed on the creative direction, directed on-location in Honduras, conducted the interviews, wrote, shot, and edited. (18 months)

Customer Recruitment

Role: Producer/Director/Editor/Co-Camera

Additional Credit: Hunter Johnson, Co-Camera

Medline's customers either already participate or have interests in  volunteering domestically and abroad. The social responsibility program has these relationships vetted and built. Naturally, we wanted to call on our customers to join in these initiatives. This video was used to broadcast that calling.

This project was not only something I believed in, but was something I grew to love. I collaborated with program leaders on both the function of the program and development of the messaging. In addition, I executed on the filming, interviewing, creative direction, and editing.  (14 months)

What Is It Like to Work at Medline?

Role: Producer/Drone Operator

Studio: Xpress Video Productions

In any company or organization, recruitment is key.​ Human Resources approached me to create a series of recruitment videos highlighting why anyone would want to work at Medline.

For this project, I oversaw the creative and production processes, maintained budgets, and sought out the right vendor to partner with for this project. I also assisted with development of messaging, and if you watch closely, I even make an appearance! (6 months)

Product Management at Medline

Role: Producer

Studio: Xpress Video Productions

As part of the recruitment series, Product Managers are an integral role at Medline and are the minds behind the product. The ask was to be able to capture the realities of the role, setting the expectation for future applicants. For this project, I recommended a testimonial format, what better way to hear about the role than from those who currently wear those shoes?


I oversaw the creative and production processes, maintained budgets, scope, and sought out the right vendor to partner with. I also assisted with messaging. (6 months)

Mercy Health Redefines Supply Chain’s Role in Quality Healthcare Through New Medline Partnership

Role: Producer/Director/Videographer

Additional Credit: Glader Filmworks, Editors

Brand journalism is an ever-growing tool to effectively drive brand, capabilities, and successes in today's media-hungry climate. When we won the prime vendor with Mercy Health​, we went to the drawing board on how to tell that story.

Leveraging my news background, and collaborating with the PR department, I produced, directed, and shot this project. (2 months)

Hyalomatrix Experiences: Dr. Ram Velamuri

Role: Producer/Director/Videographer

Additional credits: Nathan Hay Films, Co-Camera; Christian Wilson, Edit

When it comes to tissue regeneration, there's no doubt new technologies take time to see integration. To help accelerate that process and drive awareness to the products, we tapped surgeons who have measured successes with this product line. Dr. Velamuri had some incredibly remarkable cases to speak about during our interview, here he touches on one product in particular, Hyalomatrix, and how he was able to see benefits in his clinic.

For this project, I oversaw the creative and production processes. I managed the project, directed the storyline, conducted the interview, and outline the narrative.  (2 months)

The Pulse​ Segments

Role: Producer/Director/Videographer

With the integration of brand-journalism and the Medline Newsroom, we explored the idea of creating topical, news-style segments to not only drive awareness to important trends impacting the medical industry, but also broadcast Medline's goods and services built to combat the challenges surrounding them. These videos were pushed out on social media and published to the newsroom website.

For this project, I oversaw the creative and production processes. I also shot the interviews and edited the final piece. (2 weeks)

Photojournalist Demo Reels



Prior to shifting my career to corporate marketing, I worked as a photojournalist in Tampa, Indianapolis, and Fort Myers. Capturing and editing topical content for daily newscasts, special projects, breaking news, and historic events. 

This is a highlight reel published in August 2017.

Special Projects Editor


During my time in Fort Myers, among other duties, I was tasked with editing special projects and reports to air during our sweeps ratings periods. For these projects, I would shoot and edit video with interviews, stand-ups, and narration scripted by reporters. 

During this time I was nominated for a Region Emmy for Business/Consumer - News.

This reel was published in November 2014.

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